Cashmere blend scarf with pockets. 50*180cm


Very soft scarf with pockets. 50cm*180 cm +fringes


 A limited edition of scarves / shawls with pockets. A very soft blend of cashmere, superfine merino wool and a bit of PA will keep you warm and cozy. Be sure that its neutral classical colors will perfectly go with a casual look as well as complement a dress for a night out.


Wash Instructions:

Preferably dry cleaning. If not, carefully follow these instructions:

1. Wash it by hand or machine wash alone with a little bit of detergent suitable for wool. Select «wool program» with a temperature of 30°C max. 2. Do not use fabric softener. Use only special wool detergent (even better cashmere shampoo).3. Do not soak the blanket and avoid twisting the blanket. 4. Dry flat on a dry towel and avoid sun light while drying. 5. We recommend you do not use bleach, chemical products, tumble dry.


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