Extra soft knitted Turtleneck Pullover. Cream


Extra soft knitted Turtleneck Pullover. Cream

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Mix up your wintertime attire with this extra soft sweater. 

Icelandic-crafted garment (one size)  in the softest superfine merino and angora wool blend is perfect for a cozy elegant look wether you are taking a walk to your favorite park or exploring windy Iceland. For additional comfort it has a turtleneck and cuts on the bottom part of the sweater- it makes the fit more flowy and modern.

Comes in grey, cream, sky blue, dusty rose and black colors.

For warmth and classy look, this exquisite sweater is knitted in a relaxed soft fit with a clean pattern, creating an original look that will have all eyes on you.

It is our newest limited edition created for year 2021. Made  in our small fashion house at Skólavörðustígur 8 in the heart of Reykjavík.

Sizing: If you are anywhere between XS and XL this set will fit you very well due to its flexible knit and adaptivity. Please contact us through email, phone, Instagram or Facebook if you would like a consultation on the fit. 

Wash Instructions:

Preferably dry cleaning. If not, carefully follow these instructions:

1. Wash it by hand or machine wash (put in a special bag for delicate garments) alone with a little bit of detergent suitable for wool. Select «wool program» with a temperature of 20°C max. 2. Do not use fabric softener. Use only special wool detergent (even better cashmere shampoo).3. Do not soak the cardigan and avoid twisting. 4. Dry flat on a dry towel and avoid sun light while drying. 5. We recommend you do not use bleach, chemical products, tumble dry.




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