Handmade unisex hat. Pure Icelandic wool, lined. Grey


  • The warmest hat
  • Pure Icelandic wool
  • Unisex style
  • Handmade in Iceland by local ladies
  • Flexible adjustable fit
  • Fleece lining- gentle to the skin and protecting from wind

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Our new model of handmade hats.   It’s very- very warm, cozy. It’s thick but flexible knit and fleece-lined for enhanced comfort.
Icelandic wool is famous for its warmth and water repellent qualities. This hat is the warmest hats of all (together with Hat #79) and it protects you perfectly form wind. One of the most special models we produce, since it is not only made in Iceland, but also made of pure  wool from Icelandic sheep and by local Icelandic ladies.

This hat will keep you warm and cozy for a long-long time wether you explore Iceland or ski in Swiss Alps or take a walk at a beautiful Christmas market in US.
Composition: 100% Icelandic wool




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