“Kamilla” Handmade hat. Pure Icelandic wool, lined. Navy with raccoon fur pompom


  • The warmest hat
  • Pure Icelandic wool
  • Chunky shape
  • Detachable pompom
  • Handmade in Iceland by local ladies
  • Snug fit- for bigger size see Kamilla or Bubble handmade hat
  • Fleece lining- gentle to the skin and protecting from wind

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Made in Iceland by famous Icelandic knitters, this hat is the warmers of all AND produced in a very limited edition. Make it even more unique by choosing a special pompom.  It has a Detachable pompom, so you can use this pompom for all your other hats. It takes 15 seconds to take it off and put it on and when you take it off there are no traces.  If you wish to replace this pompom with synthetic fur or a pompom of a different color leave a comment in your order form: raccoon fur/ silver fox fur/ synthetic fur.

It’s thick but flexible knit and fleece lining are made for enhanced comfort and coziness.
Icelandic wool is famous for its warmth and water repellent qualities. This hat is the warmest hats of all (together with Hat #79) and it protects you perfectly form wind. One of the most special models we produce, since it is not only made in Iceland, but also made of pure  wool from Icelandic sheep and by local Icelandic ladies.

This hat will keep you warm and cozy for a long-long time wether you explore Iceland or ski in Swiss Alps or take a walk at a beautiful Christmas market in US.
Composition: 100% Icelandic wool

 Washing instructions:

  • before washing remove the pompom;
  • gentle hand wash;
  • use cold water and soft detergent;
  • dry flat.



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