“Sustainable statement/ logomania” scarf. Pure Icelandic wool. Extra large. Kelly green/ Navy


“Sustainable statement/ logomania” scarf. Pure Icelandic wool. Extra large.


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Producing in Iceland is more challenging than elsewhere, but  we believe in sustainability, high quality and fair-trade. By creating these new pieces we wanted to spread the statement “buy local” by knitting “Made in Iceland” on the edge of the scarves. On the other edge we placed our logo. We are product to use Icelandic wool and produce our garments in Iceland.

100% of profits from our newest collection of icelandic wool scarves that are made in Reykjavik go for support of the kind work that

@darya_karyakina@shepel.oleksii and their team are doing. A part of profits from other collections are also donated. Please, support this initiative by buying icelandic beanies and scarves online or in Reykjavik stores of @mjuk.iceland. Soon the war will end and we will rebuild our beautiful Ukraine together.

Unisex style, extra large scarf- 220 cm*30 cm. Stylish, simple, super warm, water resistant due to special texture of Icelandic sheep wool.  Available now in  color combinations: grey -white, light grey- bubblegum pink, purple- bright green, navy- burgundy, kelly green-navy, oatmeal- cappuccino, bubblegum pink- spring green.

Pure Icelandic sheep wool.

Only hand wash with cold water, airdry flat.


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