Sustainable fashion show in Reykjavik. Menningarnótt | 20. ágúst 2022

Our first truly #sustainablefashion show took place outdoors next to our store and #workshop in the heart of Reykjavík at Laugavegur 23 on Menningarnott, August 20th, 2022.

Why can this collection be called #sustainable?

– only natural materials were used for its production: pure wool (blankets of our own production), salmon skin and wolffish skin
– the whole production process took place in Iceland, so the carbon footprint is minimal
– minimizing waste in manufacturing by careful planning and designing the products in a certain way
– minimizing waste by making the garments high quality and long-lasting- customers shop smarter, not bigger;
– 100% electricity consumed by our manufacturing is from renewable resources;
– we pay fair wages and follow all the Icelandic regulations regarding employees welfare

We are grateful to everyone who participated and all the people who came to support us- we didn’t even expect to see so many of you!

Our 29 models are beautiful women from 11 countries with different interesting backgrounds and styles. We created individual and family looks for them- many ladies walked the runway with their children.
We presented 69 looks. The show was closed with a bride look wearing a #whitecape and walking a very cute white Samoyed dog 😉