Thorunn poncho. Custom-made. Cost of work and accessories only



  • only sustainable natural materials
  • custom-made in Reykjavik
  • one size fits all

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A statement piece in with a flat V-shape collar decoration made of wolf fish skin. You can choose salmon skin instead.

As a designer and tailor I have been making capes and ponchos out of woolen blankets we produce by ourselves. It has always been a very limited edition, since I believe in sustainability and individuality of every person’s style. Therefore I constantly create new patterns, develop unique colors with our yarn suppliers and experiment with shapes and proportions of clothing.
It is a matter of principle for us to constantly improve our sustainability efforts. Therefore we sew all clothing items at our fashion house in the heart of Reykjavik, use only pure wool and fishskin and minimize waste in every way.
With a growing popularity of natural materials and artisanal sustainable production more customers wish to buy our products. So we hired a guru seamstress to assist me in creating timeless comfortable clothing and now we launch a new service-

º you select a blanket, from which we will make your cape/poncho (Blankets in products menu)- that is how you are charged for materials
º then pick one of our designs at this page – you will be charged for the work and accessories like trims, zippers etc.

Leave comments when placing an order if you need to make the ordered clothing shorter or longer than standard.

ATTN: Note that you need to choose both a style and blanket, only then you will be all set for a complete clothing item.

  • custom-made for you in Reykjavik
  • one size fits all
  • dry clean only


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